Parker McCollum Releases To Be Loved By You

With nothing but a single post on Twitter and Instagram for marketing, Parker McCollum kicked off 2021 strong with the brand new single To Be Loved By You. Only one week later it's got 100k views on YouTube and 486k streams on Spotify.

What a way to celebrate the New Year! But don't get me wrong, I've been waiting for this song for a long time. Personally though, I like the live versions better.

The constant, driving, acoustic strumming creates a bit of tension that reflects in the lyrics. The album version removes the acoustic guitar almost entirely and relies on the backbeat to carry the verses forward. Not to mention there's just something about the rhythm guitar in all of his new songs that comes across as too high pitched for me.

Regardless, with his recent singles and the Hollywood Gold EP, I'm assuming he'll drop a full album here soon. Now let's just hope he records Dallas for it.