My Hometown

I grew up on dairy farm in upstate New York. I was always riding around in my grandpa's red Chevy Silverado or a John Deere tractor with country music playing on the radio. If that doesn't sound like a country song I don't know what does! My earliest memories of country music were George Strait, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Shania Twain.

Some Ol' Bar In The 90's

My family owned a bar in town with a pool table, a jukebox, and grandma's home cooking (rest in peace). Alcohol would flow at family gatherings where my uncles taught me the meaning of rowdy. Although I was young, I'd still get behind the bar and sling drinks!

Front Seat Show

Country music grabbed hold of me and never let go. I've been to probably a hundred shows now all over Texas and other states. Along the way I've met many artists and musicians, Zane Williams and Casey Donahew even announced our pregnancies!

Take Me Out To A Dancehall

Dancing has been an obsession since I first stepped foot into Midnight Rodeo years ago. One step, two step, half step, I love it all. I met my wife at a country bar when she asked me for a dance! We found our home at Maverick's Dance Hall in Austin and met the whole crew there.

I've been around the Texas country scene for over 10 years now, and every bit of that experience is built into Daily Texas Country. If you enjoy the Lone Star State music and lifestyle as much as I do, you belong here. And if you know all of the songs I referenced in the sections above, you really belong here.