Bury My Bones Heart Wrenching Music Video

Although Whiskey Myers isn't doing weekly livestreams, they've managed to stay in the spotlight by playing a live show to an empty audience at Billy Bob's, and releasing a heart wrenching video for Bury My Bones.

The video tells a story of two brothers who enter the army together. One brother is killed in action, and the other must take him home to bury his ashes. Towards the end of the video some clips reveal that the surviving brother is enduring some PTSD symptoms while struggling with the loss.

Evan Kaufmann does an amazing job with the visuals. The washed out yellow fits the old school rock and roll style of the music well, while not making the video feel too somber. It's a powerfully told military story that reveals the vulnerabilities of our veterans. Whiskey Myers is known to support our troops, and even has another military based song, Frogman.