Country Bars Closing

Shortly after The Railhouse posted this on Facebook, they announced that they were closing for good. While I had never been to the venue personally, I have friends in Kyle who loved it. The Railhouse was slowly gaining traction, with bigger artists like Curtis Grimes, Sam Riggs, and Jason Boland playing shows there.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaraunts, bars, and concert venues are struggling to stay open. But even before the coronavirus came around, there's been quite a few country bars closing down.

Luckily my second home, Mavericks Dance Hall, is still going strong thanks to the support of their loyal patrons. If you love this place, consider donating to help the bartenders and staff. And if your local country bar is struggling, do what you can to help so we all have a dance floor once this quarantine is over!