Evan Felker Finds Sobriety

After being off the grid for the better part of a year, Evan Felker spoke about his time off in an interview with Rolling Stone.

During the interview, Felker stated "First and foremost, I found sobriety and recovery." What great news after one too many disheartening performances over the course of 2019. Felker initially "blamed everything on being on the road," but the hiatus proved to him that the substance abuse was not caused by the environment.

While enjoying his time off, Felker has been "thinking so much about music." He's been writing songs and even says the he "maybe wants to tour again." This is music to my ears! Every Texas country music fan knows exactly what you're in for at a Turnpike Troubadours show. Other aspects of his life seem to be on track as well. The Rolling Stone article mentions that Felker and his ex-wife Staci are "together and happy."

In fact, this interview would not have happened without Staci. She reached out to Josh Crutchmer, the author of an upcoming book about roots music. Staci had received an early copy of Roots Music: Born in Oklahoma, Raised in Texas, At Home Anywhere and felt the need to share all that happened since 2019.

This is nothing but good news for Evan Felker, the Turnpike Troubadours, and the Texas country music scene. We all wish Evan continued health and happiness. So go read the rest of the Rolling Stone article, pick up the Roots Music book on September 19, and wait patiently for the day Turnpike comes back to a stage near you.