Jon Wolfe Announces Dos Corazones

Big news today as Jon Wolfe announced a brand new project called Dos Corazones. It's Spanish for "two hearts" and it's much more than just a new album.

The story started back when Jon, his producer, another songwriter, a photographer, and a film crew headed out to Terlingua, Texas. They rented an adobe house dubbed Dos Corazones, which inspired the name of the new album. Over the course of 11 days they wrote songs, took photos, and filmed video for the new project. During this time they were completely disconnected and off the grid.

Ultimately Jon and his crew wrote 17 songs for the album, took over 5000 photos, and filmed 13.5 hours of video! This excites me because this new project isn't just an album, it seems to be a full documentary of Jon's songwriting process.

On June 23rd Jon announced Dos Corazones to the world with a YouTube video and an article published by American Songwriter. With all the thought and preparation that went into this launch, Jon has proven once again that he's a sharp businessman in addition to a talented country music artist.

He's releasing a few of the songs on June 30th in an EP called Chapter One, with the full album releasing on September 1st.