Koe Wetzel Sells Out

In a flurry of Koe Wetzel news, he signed with Columbia Records, he's releasing a new song called Sundy Or Mundy, and he posted a teaser trailer for a music video. Now keep your pants on, that's a lot of information to digest. I'm giddy as fuck, so let's take it one bit at a time.

Koe unceremoniously announced his deal with Columbia Records on Instagram. Fans tend to worry about artists selling out after signing with big labels. But Koe is uncompromising, I doubt this deal will affect him whatsoever. Koe will be Koe no matter what, remember The Great Texas Balloon Race? Koe joins Blink-182, one of the bands that influence his music, under the Columbia Records label.

Timed perfectly with the record deal announcement, Koe is releasing a new "pop fuckboy country tune" on Friday. Obviously he's taking a stab at anyone claiming that he sold out. Titled Sundy Or Mundy, it follows the same misspelled pattern of Kuntry & Wistern. The covers look similar as well, featuring a western font and aliens.

And finally, Koe posted a teaser trailer for the Sundy Or Mundy video. The music seems like the intro to the song, which already sounds intense. I love Koe's music videos because they are so imaginative and hysterical.

Seems like Koe is making a lot of big moves in 2020, so get this man a drink! Keep an eye on the Daily Texas Country socials for all your Koe Wetzel and country music news.