KOKEFEST 2021 Lineup & Tickets

KOKE FM finally released the lineup for KOKEFEST 2021 along with a promo video, and tickets go on sale May 10th on the KOKEFEST website!

It seems as though they followed the same pattern as 2019. Day one is focused more on traditional Texas country. Folks like Aaron Watson and Kevin Fowler come on first, and the headliner is a 90s artist we all know and love, Clay Walker.

Day two centers around the new wave of Texas country music that has major rock and roll influences. Guys like Koe Wetzel, Read Southall, Giovanni & The Hired Guns, and Austin Meade will rock out for the longer day.


Overall, I'd rate this lineup a solid B+, as both days have a variety of great artists. The KOKEFEST lineup has always been impressive, but I personally thought the KOKEFEST 2019 lineup leaned too heavily towards the Saturday shows. This year I'd say it's an even split between both days. So if you have to choose, you have two distinct flavors of Texas country music to pick from.

But you better choose fast, because tickets go on sale May 10th on the KOKEFEST website. Until then, listen to our KOKEFEST 2021 playlist to get hyped for the festival!