Muscadine Bloodline Finds Creativity In Quarantine

I'll be honest, up until this point I haven't listened to anything from Muscadine Bloodline since the Movin' On album. But since quarantine began back in March, the duo has recorded and released 18 songs! Nobody else in the business is working as hard as these guys are.

The majority of these songs come from the Quarantine Work-Tapes albums. These albums are basically rough drafts of songs, probably recorded in their homes, and published right from their computer. This style of music production really let's fans see behind the scenes of the song creation process. Here's a good example.

The rest of the songs culminated in a studio recorded EP titled Turn Back Time. To ensure everyone's safety, the album was recorded with only guitar and vocals. The instrumentals give the songs a stripped down sound, a welcome break from some of the over-produced music we're hearing on the radio today.

Because most of the country bands aren't able to tour right now, it's nice to see musicians taking advantage of this time to create music. Besides Muscadine Bloodline, there have been a few other notable releases during quarantine. What's your favorite?

Austin Upchurch - Breakdown
Koe Wetzel - Sundy Or Mundy
Casey Donahew - Lost My Brother's Goat
Koe Wetzel - Kuntry & Wistern
Kolby Cooper - If I Still Had It
Parker McCollum - Like A Cowboy
Randy Rogers / Wade Bowen - Hold My Beer, Vol. 2
Kody West - Overgrown