MusicFest 2021 Is Cancelled

You really dun' it this time COVID, I can't believe you took down The MusicFest. Two days ago Dickson Productions sent out an email with a link to the video below. While John Dickson uses the term "postponed", the fact of the matter is that MusicFest will not be happening in 2021.

John thanks everyone involved with the festival, healthcare workers, and first responders for their hard work. He also urges us to support the musicians in any way possible while shows are hard to come by. He leaves with a toast to "good people, great music, and best of times" and says 2022 will be a "hell of a reunion!"

Daily Texas Country is no stranger to The MusicFest, we have a group that goes every year. But if you can't wait until next year, you can check out a recap of our MusicFest trip from 2016.