Whiskey Myers Virtual Concert

Having all these livestreams to watch is great, but it doesn't scratch the itch of going to a live concert. The vast majority of these streams are all solo acoustic, just an artist and a guitar. Well, leave it to Billy Bob's to put on a legitimate show in our time of need. And who better to bring us back to life and rock our faces off than Whiskey Myers?!

After a "safe and socially distanced load-in" Whiskey Myers tuned up and rocked an entire set. If you haven't seen Whiskey Myers live, I highly recommend that you do! They put on a show that makes me feel like I'm back in the 70s watching some long haired hippies jam out on stage. And while I won't spoil anything, I'll just say more cowbell please!

The most surreal part of this concert was hearing the total silence after a song ended. It blows my mind to think that Whiskey Myers was staring at an empty building while performing. I was planning on going to their show at Stubb's in Austin before it got cancelled, and I'm definitely making it a point to catch them when they come back around.